Monday, 15 July 2013

Beginners Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight Workout
You don't need gym membership or expensive equipment to achieve a firm toned body
Always perform a warm up before any exercise routine - this prepares the body for exercise and reduces the risk of injury.
Always perform a cool down and stretch after your exercise routine - this speeds up the recovery time following exercise and makes your muscles more flexible and less prone to injury.
Prisoner Squat
Side Lunge              
Explosive Push Up                     
Dirty Dogs
Rotational Push Up
Toe Touches
Plank Pike
Perform each exercise 8 times and move onto the next exercise with the minimum amount of rest.
Once all the exercises have been completed have 2 minutes rest and repeat.

1. Prisoner Squat
To make it harder jump on UP movement

2. Burpee

To make it harder jump or raise up onto toes

3. Side Lunge
To make it harder once in side lunge add 2 bounces

4. Explosive Push Up
To make it easier start on your knees in push up position. To make it harder clap or really hard slap thighs

5. Dirty Dogs
To make it harder add 2 bounces at top of movement

6. Supermans
To make it harder hold for 1 second at top of movement

7. Rotation Push Up
To make it harder hold at top of movement or add weight

8. Toe Touches
To make it harder keep feet off floor throughout and hold at top

9.Plank Pike
To make it harder push from forearms into full push up pike and return to forearm plank

Perform each exercise with as perfect form as possible. This engages your muscles correctly and reduces the risk of injury and muscular imbalances.